Sep 14, 2023

The auction order is known and can be found on our website from now on! The foals will be auctioned in groups, please note as there is no presentation. We will start the auction immediately! It is a hybrid auction. So you can bid both live and online. To bid online, you need an account that you can create here. The auction can also be followed via a livestream on our website and on Social Media.

11:30AM  Stables and Luxury Fair open
01:00 – 02:00PM Group 1 dressage auction numbers 1 to 16
02:05 – 03:15PM Group 2 jumping auction numbers 17 – 32
03:20 – 04:15PM Group 3 dressage auction numbers 33 to 47
04:20 – 04:40PM Pause
04:45 – 05:50PM Group 4 showjumping auction numbers 48 to 64
05:55 – 06:50PM Group 5 dressage auction numbers 65 to 79

Any questions? You can always reach us by email but also by phone/whatsapp at 0031-621293120.


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