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Superb Daily Diamond colt and brother to Ego Tripper Texel

1. O.Neill Texel

Daily Diamond x Ferro Grand Prix dr.

13-04 -2019 | Hengst | Dressuur

Verkocht voor18000
Stallion prospect by Ferguson out of Fashion Hill’s dam

2. Opicasso

Ferguson x San Remo

06-04 -2019 | Hengst | Dressuur

Verkocht voor15000
Filly by talented Ghandi out of great performance line

3. Odamora L

Ghandi x Apache

27-03 -2019 | Merrie | Dressuur

Verkocht voor8500
Great mover by Grand Prix talent Glock’s Toto Jr.

4. Oirendo

Glock's Toto Jr. x Tuschinski

03-04 -2019 | Hengst | Dressuur

Verkocht voor8500
Talented eye-catcher by Imposantos x Quantensprung x Lauries Crusador xx

5. Ovation

Imposantos x Quantensprung

07-05 -2019 | Hengst | Dressuur

Verkocht voor35000
Painted Black out of strong branch Don Schufro’s dam line

6. Onyx Dór

Painted Black pref x Lord Leatherdale

03-04 -2019 | Hengst | Dressuur

Verkocht voor5000